Assortment in our restaurant

To lick your fingers
In addition to our own unique coffee and tea varieties, we also have handmade chocolates, every morning we bake our own biscuits to go with the coffee and tea we serve in our gift shop. Of course there are also cakes from our own kitchen in different flavours such as apple, carrort, redvelvet etc. In addition, we have changing delicacies that change with the season. These are deliberately kept small; they are meant as the ultimate taste experience, not as a meal. Also tasty for at home or at home? How about handmade fudge directly from West Yorkshire England or handmade soft (non-sticky) Nougat from Italy to name but a few. We have it in various flavours, so just enjoy it.

Now we can also make a long story about how beautiful and amazing our handmade chocolates are, but just come and taste it. Tom makes them, and tom you know from "De Librije" the 3 Michelin star restaurant. Should I say more?


Coffee and tea for at home and on the premises.
We also like to let you enjoy the coffee and tea of Cousin Rob at home. And that's why we offer a large assortment of coffee beans and loose tea with which you can make the most delicious cup of Delft and surroundings at home. Buy something but just for a moment

If you don't feel like coming to Delft, order via our webshop. 

If you are in our coffee shop you can choose your coffee of course, but you can also choose your coffee beans of which we make it. Would you rather have tea

then you can choose from our tea wall where there are about 50 in it. I'm sure there's something there for you.


*** If you need good coffee beans for your company or catering business please let us know, we have a separate line of roasted coffee beans for because the wishes and coffeemakers are often different. Can be ordered per kilo and without contract. Also available for Belgium and Germany. This also applies to our tea.

If you want to know more, click here


Slow coffee
We love slow coffee! You can taste it with us, but we also like to show you how to make it so you can do it at home next time if you like. Besides the familiar coffees we are used to we also have icebrew and nitro coffee on the menu when the weather is warm. Of course we made it ourselves but from melting ice instead of hot water. Very different but also delicious. You can also make them at home, you can find the supplies you need to make such a slowbrew in our (web)shop. Tip: a coffeemaker to make slowbrew or icebrew is also nice to give as a present and certainly to get. Curious, ask for it and we will be happy to tell you all about it.


Fresh (liquor)
Don't you fancy some coffee or tea? Don't worry, we have the famous sodas too. Something with alcohol? No point, we have several beers including our own beer dark blond of 8% the "Delftsche Bril", but also wine, Gin tonic's and the famous cocktails are on the menu of which some are also possible without alcohol. I'm sure there's something to suit your taste.



We make fresh fruit smoothies in varying flavours. Of course all without additives and pure nature. The ingredients come from our neighbour "Het Fruithuisje".


Something to eat                                                                                  

No problem we'll make you breakfast with a croissant, fresh gravy and coffee or tea of your choice, and later in the day you can always enjoy our richly filled pistolets, croissants or sandwiches. Almost nothing is ready for you so the sandwiches are baked to order and made for you. Fresher is not allowed.

Delftse bril speciaal bier van Neef Rob