Delicious Cannoli from Sicily (Italy) , handmade in a small village of about 3,800 inhabitants called Ragalna in the province of Catania.

(near the volcano of Etna) This Cannoli comes from a real family business that over the years are completely specialized in this field.

The Cannoli we supply comes from these people because it is a solid company and we want to support the community there as well in order to bring some prosperity there. Because only honest products are used, the Cannoli can be kept outside the refrigerator and are gluten free.


Originally, this 'cake' was made for carnival, but later lost this specific character and was spread all over Italy, as well as all over the world and eaten in all tides. The cannolo is about 10 cm long with a diameter of about 3 centimeters. The rind (la scorza) consists of deep-fried dough and the filling is made of ricotta cheese from the sheep. The dough used to be formed around reeds, hence the name 'canne di fiume', canna = reed, and this is how the word cannolo originated. Nowadays, because of hygienic legislation, it is formed around small metal cylinders and then fried. The original filling is sugared ricotta, but nowadays you can also find other fillings and it differs locally whether it contains pieces of chocolate, candied fruits, pistachio pieces or nuts and finally the cannolo is sprinkled with powdered sugar.