We work together with two Dutch coffee roasters who check the quality and branding for us, but also monitor the flavor profile we have issued. You will understand that we want to deliver consistent quality, but that we are dealing with a natural product and changing weather conditions. We carry about 14 different types of coffee beans.

Almost all of these varieties consist of Arabica coffee beans and differ from single origin to blends. All balanced flavors that make the user happy with the beautiful taste experience.

We ourselves have 5 types of coffee beans on the grinders for our donation and a very nice decaf (caffeine-free). These are also available through our webshop. You will see that all our coffee beans have family names, so it is easy for everyone to remember.


A nice detail is that we now work with a completely new type of coffee roaster, which uses 80% less natural gas and therefore much less polluting for the environment. An additional advantage is that with this burner we can burn about 25 degrees Celsius lower because it does not contain any afterburners, but the warm air is reused. We actually roast more than just burn. This certainly benefits the taste.


Are you looking for nice coffee for youre business, then take a look at our other webshop with specially roasted coffee beans for company and catering coffee machines. click here