Handmade Fudge from Yorkshire Engeland

This delicious typical British pastry comes from a traditional West Yorkshire bakery. It is made here and then sent to the Netherlands. This bakery is still a real traditional bakery with respect for the time-honoured recipes. In this way we dare to say that our fudge consists of virtually natural ingredients. Try it one for coffee or tea instead of a biscuit. It will surprise you. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Sugar, BOTTER (MILK) 11%, FULL MILK, Glucose syrup, Invert sugar, DOUBLE CREAM (MILK) 3.8%.


Maybe it's unnecessary to mention, because our fudge is so tasty, it probably won't last long. But should it be necessary, it is best kept at room temperature. Certainly not in the refrigerator, because the cold changes the texture. The fudge then becomes hard and dries out and is no longer very tasty. Sunlight should also be avoided, as this can melt or discolour the fudge. It is best to keep the cubes dark in a closed container, for example in a cupboard in the room.