Handgemaakte Italiaanse Nougat

Our Nougat comes from Italy and is a favorite delicacy. It's not only delicious but it also seems to be healthy when hazelnuts are added. Of course you shouldn't eat too much of it, because there's a lot of sugar in it.

We think that nougat should be soft and with a tasty addition like hazelnuts, pistachios etc.. The Rivoltini family has been making the tastiest nougat since 1930. Making nougat is a very precise process. The nougat should be soft and elastic but not stick to the packaging or to your hands. The nougat can be made in many different flavors.  There are many different flavors for everyone, we have selected a few for you and are available in slices of 150 and 200 grams. Enjoy!

Attention, the slices contain nuts, almonds, honey and sugar. Click here to see what we have.