Our Team

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Our team consists exclusively of hospitable ladies and gentlemen and consists of an average of 5 persons of which you usually see 3.

Each with his own input, preferences and specialties.

So we have Tessa, crazy about Hockey and making super sandwiches and tostis.

Juwe; is busy daily with the study group at the TU and is good at making different kinds of coffees super fast.

Mickey just like Juwe in the same study group and good at taking orders and making coffees. And just joined the club our Lonneke who is studying at the TU and can be used anywhere.

Ohh yeah, we also have Rob of course, owner, host, barista, cook etc... Chances are you will meet him in the establishment because he has an enormous love for making specialties and giving his guests the feeling of being at home. He calls the Schenkerij (restaurant part) then actually always a large living room. Cozy, come and join us!


It's okay to laugh


Good job 👍🏼


I'm standing and the coffee's running, it's not gonna get any sportier. 🏃☕️ 

hhandtekening heb het goed